Educating First Responders

Polyglot Med Spanish is easy to use and the perfect tool to bridge the communication gap between health care providers and Spanish-speaking patients. Polyglot Med Spanish offers immediate audio translation of over 3,000 common words, phrases and assessment questions from English to Spanish and from Spanish to English.

While you are sitting in a café or waiting at the airport, you can practice medical words, phrases, or entire assessment questions! If you have to conduct a mental health assessment or a prenatal assessment on a Spanish speaking patient, we have the phrases you need to get started. Polyglot Med Spanish offers phrases categorized in conversations to allow the health care provider to practice a series of assessment or conversational questions structured to solicit a “yes” or “no” response.

With over 3,000 grammatically correct medical terms and phrases, Polyglot Med Spanish is sure to have the word, phrase or question you need no matter what your clinical setting.


  • Polyglot Med Spanish audio is recorded by a native Spanish speaker.
  • Polyglot Med Spanish has a simple, clean, and uncluttered interface.
  • Polyglot Med Spanish has both Spanish and English audio recordings.
  • Search is available in both English and Spanish for every list - not just one global index - so the search is intuitive and easy to access.
  • Clinical assessment questions are categorized into searchable phrase books and conversations.
  • Continuous play of conversations in both Spanish and English.
  • All assessment questions are formatted to solicit “yes or no” responses.
  • Content has been carefully crafted and refined by actual medical practitioners over the course of 10 years.
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