Our process is first and foremost adaptive and borrows from waterfall and agile development - we call it ”nimble”. Have a project you want to discuss? Call us at 919-683-2300 or head over to our contact page and drop us a line.
Our process is highly iterative, which guarantees quick initial results and assures that the applications we build not only correspond to an initial specification document but also to our clients’ evolving needs and expectations as the project progresses. Here is how it works:


This step usually starts out informally. Some clients will send us a full set of requirements. More often than not, we will meet a few times, ask questions, take notes, draft and redraft a scope of work until both parties are satisfied. Based on that requirement, we are able to give you a time and cost estimate.


Once we have an agreement on what to do, we will start working on iteration 1. Depending on the complexity of the project, this could range from visual mockups to a basic working prototype. We will then schedule another meeting, in which we will review the work done and make any amends to the scope of work and estimate if necessary.


At this point, we’ve defined requirements, started working on the project and may have pivoted on our initial expectations. We are now ready to invest a significant amount of time building it. We will continue to develop the application and meet periodically along the way.


Once you have approved the final product we will deploy it to a production server. Many organizations we work with have their own hosting, but we are happy to share our suggestions if that is not the case. We work with many of our clients on a continuous basis for maintenance requests and new feature additions.

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